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Dear Enhancement Seeker,


My name is Neil Playfoot and I have been a male enhancement author for over 6 years.


In that time I have helped men via my site increase their penis size in both length and girth.


Men who have come to me asking for advice and I providing information to help them get what they need.


Dispensing information I have used myself to increase my penis size naturally, which has worked for my readers and it’s why I know it will work for others too.



I admit I used to be a troubled, angry guy because I was unhappy with the size of my penis.


Unhappy because my inadequacy meant I had zero sexual confidence and meant I couldn’t satisfy any women in bed. It led to me being plain bad at sex.


I was desperate…


Desperate because every time I tried a new “full-proof” method which guaranteed to give me a bigger penis which failed…


Left me one less chance of getting the bigger dick I aimed for.




My desperation led me to try ever increasing hair-brained ideas finally leaving me wondering where I could turn to next.


I got to the point where I thought I was going to be stuck with my small thin penis forever…


Destined to a lifetime of lousy sex.




From when I was a young lad I’ve always know I was less well endowed than my friends. It was plain to see at school when we had to take communal showers after sports.


My penis size troubled me for from an early age because the size of a guy’s penis doesn’t just affect his sex life…


It shapes his whole life; as an utter lack of confidence can affect a career, relationship with family and friends, and especially times when being intimate with a wife or girlfriend.


The size of your penis sometimes feels like it defines who you are…



The many issues I was dealing with only seemed to grow bigger with time.




I like to travel and have visited 54 countries so far. However my most prized discovery took place in Morocco…totally by accident.


I was at a souk in Fez looking through some old books trying to find one for my mother who likes to collect old books.


Some of the books I were looking at were old, leather bound and the pages yellowed with age.


I took one book off the shelf; on the cover it showed a guy holding what can only be described as a large member and it had some Arabic writing on it.


I was as you can imagine a little confused to come across such a book in a straitlaced country.



I questioned the owner of the book shop and he told me it was a book describing how to increase your penis size in length and girth using an old African technique.


Intrigued I bought the book…


It turn out the book was in Arabic and French; luckily enough I had spent 3 years living in Paris and could with some effort translate this old book.


It turned out the methods described in the book were over 5,000 year old


The book contained detailed instructions on how to increase your penis size using just your hands.




So with nothing to lose and a renewed chance of having a larger penis now again possible I decided to give these exercises a try.


The book I discovered by chance changed my life forever…




This books showed me how to naturally increase my penis size in both length AND girth using just my hands in exercises I could do in as little as 10 minutes a day.


I didn’t have to take any pills, use a penis pump, weights or contemplate surgery to make my dream a reality.


Over time I added over 2.5 inches to the length of my erection and 1.35 inches in girth.




I did this using just my hands, so it was FREE and I could do these exercises in the comfort of my own home.


There was no embarrassment, spending money every month on pills that may not even work and no need to consult a medical practitioner.





In three months of dedication, following the exercise program John was able to see permanent gains in both length and girth.


He was so proud he sent me the photos shown below:


John Before And After




Then there is Richie from Michigan who saw the results below over a two month period:


Richie Before And After





Here is a graphic to show some of the results that people who used Sure-Fire Enhancement got:


Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint Results Graphic




Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint Testimonials


Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint Testimonials





Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint is a 30 page digital pdf download.


I kept it short because I don’t want to waste your time with filler.


Hey I spent $2,369 on pills, pumps and what-not before I found the solution.


To get guaranteed results through trial and error could run to thousands of dollars.




You’re right – the catch is that this chance to increase your penis size naturally using just your hands can’t stay the same forever.

The price is only going to go up, and the bonuses I am about to mention will go away.
As they will be sold separately…


These bonuses were put together to be sold to people who’ve already bought Sure-Fire Enhancement Blueprint.


But don’t worry for a limited time I’m going to include them with Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint because I am looking to get some customer feedback and testimonials.



On this page, right now, you’ll pay A LOT less than you think:


You could pay $80 a month for male enhancement pills for 6 months at a cost of $480.


Paying $480 for male enhancement pills for 6 months doesn’t even guarantee your results…


I know I’ve paid $734 in the past for male enhancement pills WHICH HAD ZERO EFFECT.


There are other more bloated courses out there that try to cover this which charge five to ten times more.




The students that have already followed the Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint pdf without the bonuses have said my course was worth several hundred dollars to them considering how much it improved their lives.


If I was to teach you this in person even IF I was available would cost $750.








The Secrets Of The Clitoris demystifies one of the most powerful sex buttons a woman has in 12 page pdf digital download.


This short report clearly and concisely reveals all about the clitoris…


  You get to find out exactly where the clitoris is which gives you the ability find it every time so you can give your  partner the most wonderful clitoral orgasm


 You get to find out how to stimulate the clitoris using several different methods which means you  keep it fresh, so you  can amaze your partner every time by mixing it up in the bedroom.


 You get to use The Secrets Of The Clitoris in conjunction with Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint which means  you can give your partner multiple orgasms through stimulation and deep penetration so feel like a porn-star



The power you control if you know how to stimulate the clitoris is incredible and that’s why this short report is worth $17.


But we still have more bonuses to give away for a limited time…






In this easy to follow 10 page digital pdf download you will discover all about the mysterious g-spot that you may of heard of but not sure about.


You get to find out exactly where the g-spot is, which gives you the ability find it every time so you can give your partner the most wonderful g-spot orgasms


You get to find out how to stimulate the g-spot which gives you the power to give your partner amazing  climaxes, so you can give her orgasms like she’s never experienced before.


You get to use The G-Spot Revealed with the other two pdf’s mentioned which gives you the power to amplify  your sex life by stimulating your partner in many different ways so you can keep sex fresh and exciting.


The ability to keep your sex life fresh and exciting is why this report is worth $23.


But I still have one final bonus for you today…



In this easy to follow 8 page digital pdf download you will discover two recently uncovered female hotspots that sexual researchers are talking about.


These two hotspots are not known to the wider public right now…


However sexual research experts are amazed at how powerful the female orgasms are from stimulating these two sexual zones.


You get two find out what these two female hotspots are which gives you knowledge 97% of guys don’t even  know about so you can be one of a select group that can please their partner in new and electric ways.


You get to learn how to stimulate these two hotspots which gives you the ability to perform sexual  magic, so you can make your partner climax in ways I’m sure she’s never experienced before.


You get to combine the power of this report in conjunction with the skills you’ve learned in the other pdf’s which  gives you an amazing array of sexual talents, so you can be a lover your partner feels lucky to be with.



The insider knowledge this concise, easy-to-follow and jam-packed report gives you is the reason why it’s valued at $19.



The Secrets Of The Clitoris – $17


The G-Spot Revealed – $23


The Two Secret Female Hotspots – $19


Sub-Total Of The Limited Time Bonuses – $59


Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint – $149


The Grand Total is – $208




I get paid $120 to $330 for an hour of my time and charge over $150 for a simple 400 word article I can write in less than an hour in the male enhancement niche.


Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint with the bonuses added gives a final word count of 7246 words which means if I was to charge my normal rate it would cost $2717.


If you were to learn this on your own like I tried to and mentioned before…




You could spend years trying to get results and still have nothing to show for it.


Like I also said, I paid over $734 on male enhancement pills that had ZERO EFFECT.



I tried penis pumps and other weird contraptions involving weights and extenders that were together $958 and involved 36 months of my life….


Only add ZERO inches to my penile length.
Remember the numbers I shared with you earlier in my graphic?


The increases seen in users of Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint:


Subject “A” – Went from 4 inches to 6 inches on length in 9 weeks


Subject “B” - Went from 5 inches to 7 inches on length in 9 weeks


Subject “C” - Went from 5 inches to 7 inches on length in 9 weeks


Subject “D” - Went from 6 inches to 8 inches on length in 9 weeks



Once I get feedback from clients and buyers of Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint with the new bonuses I will have no choice but to increase the price to $208 when the bonuses are sold separately.



But right now as part of this early bird special IF you’re a guy who likes to take advantage of an opportunity rather than pay more down the line…


You won’t pay $208


You won’t pay $104


You won’t pay $52


You pay only $27




If you you want to check out Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint then voluntarily decide “I don’t want a longer, thicker and firmer erection using just my hands” that’s your right.


If you want to go back to searching for male enhancement pills, penis pumps and bloated courses that don’t guarantee results but cost hundreds of dollars…


I will give every penny of your money back.


You have 30 days to make that choice, so have plenty of time to go check out this concise easy to follow course.




THEN decide if you want to keep the course or not.


However if you decide to take action and start using this course today you could see an increase in the size of your penis before the 30 days are up.





As I’ve stated I cannot continue to offer The G-Spot Revealed, The Secrets Of The Clitoris And The Two Secret Female Hotspots as bonuses to Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint forever.


Once I have enough testimonials and customer feedback I will sell these pdf’s separately for $59…


And the price of Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint is to be increased so the total sale price becomes $208.


Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint is not available for sale anywhere else. It is my product…


You maybe able to get some of this information elsewhere if you spend days scouring the internet.



BUT I’ve used the methods explained in the pdf’s myself and know they work.


I spent years and thousands of dollars before I could finally put this information together. I spent 129 hours writing the original content of the 4 pdf’s and still had to edit and revise them before I deemed them worthy of you.


These three bonuses are brand new and right now only a few men have access to the tactics described in the detailed and easy to follow eBooks.



This is information only a small percentage of the male population know about…remember the two secret female hotspots I talked about?





Here is a sample of the feedback I’ve got from people using Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint from actual users:







If you are a guy with a small thin penis who wants a natural solution to increase penis size in length and girth which isn’t going to cost $100′s…


AND which can be done at home using just your hands, Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint is a tried and tested method that just works.



You get The Secrets Of The Clitoris $17


You get The G-Spot Revealed $23


You get The Two Secrets Female Hotspots $19


You get Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint $149



Right now for a limited time you get 87% off the value I’ve just listed.



Not only that it’s guaranteed so there is no risk to you.


If you decide within 30 days you don’t like it then I will give you back every penny.





I know the idea of using just your hands to increase your penis size is attractive to you right now….


All I ask is you listen to your gut, has your gut ever been wrong?


Hey you’ve seen for yourself what others have already achieved using Sure-Fire Enhancement Blue Print.


In fact I would love to hear about your results 2 months from now using these simple to follow instructions.


When you see for yourself what is possible using my penile enhancement program you won’t regret it.


So click the button below and you could be on your way to a bigger penis TODAY!



Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint




So anyway this Neil Playfoot signing off and thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your results from Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint.


See you on the other-side,
















P.S. You save money now as the price is only going to go up. You get extra value right now as the bonuses want be here forever.


There is a guarantee so your investment is totally risk free. I’ve shown you proof Sure-Fire Enhancement BluePrint works including my personal proof and proof from my customers.


And since I’ve shown you how easy this is, why not give it a shot? So if you think you are ready for this, it makes sense to get it right now.


So Click The link below right now



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P.P.S. If you don’t buy this then you will continue to have a penis size you’re not happy with…


You will lack sexual confidence AND wonder if you partner is faking it to make you happy.


If you let this opportunity pass today you could go on to waste time plus money on pills, pumps and weights and still get NO RESULTS.


Instead you could act today and start a penile exercise program which has been proven to work AND add serious sexual tactics to your love-making arsenal making you a porn-star in the sack.


So get your copy now and don’t live to regret it when the price goes up and the bonuses have gone away.


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